Why is an OM-D better than a Pentax K-5?

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Re: Images re-posted

Robertj_298 wrote:

Pixel peeping again? Now do the same post but use a crop of the queen of hearts face with the same settings lol

Bravo, Roberto! Congratulations on finding one of the bugabears of PD-AF in DSLRs - innacurate focus calibration - in this case back focus, as only the playing card and the Kodak Grayscale are in sharp focus, with all the highly detailed items in the plane of the center focus targets on the soft side..

While you get superior AF-C with PD-AF, the two Canon and one Oly 4/3 I have owned all had front or back-focus issues to a greater or lesser degree. The E-30 had a built-in calibration routine which had to be done with each lens, if necessary.

A total non-issue with the contrast AF in all m4/3 cameras - lol!

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