Any Lightroom 4 alternatives that cost less?

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Re: Any Lightroom 4 alternatives that cost less?

Richard Wonka wrote:

Photomonkey wrote:


I have no idea as to the quality of its conversions vis a vis LR but the only feature missing that is important to me is the perspective correction feature. I shoot architecture and I am always doing slight tweaks to nudge the image toward a square rendering.

I do believe that feature is there. Horizontal and vertical keystone correction are what you are looking for, is that correct?

When comparing to other apps, keep in mind that LR perspective corrections go much further than simple keystone correction. In LR you have:

  • An entire panel called Lens Corrections

  • In the panel are manual keystoning corrections, horizontal and vertical, along with other corrections like chromatic aberration

  • A Distortion correction for barrel and pincushion distortion, so straight lines are actually straight. Simple keystone controls don't do that.

  • Corrections can be numeric or by dragging mouse

  • On top of all that, there are lens profiles that already have corrections for many lenses, meaning you may not have to make any adjustments for the quirks of individual lenses, only to remove perspective distortion.

  • And finally on top of all that, if a profile does not exist for your lens, you can use a lens profiler utility to make your own!

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