Received and possibly returning ANOTHER D800

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Re: Received and possibly returning ANOTHER D800

Dominique Dierick wrote:

Neither is complaining in a dpreview forum for weeks of course or try out 5 D800's in a week, without even willing to discuss method or tests done.

I'm not here to have anyone vet my testing methodology, nor am I asking anyone to "prove" theirs. I made direct comparisons with the same lenses using my D3s and the suspect D800. The results were convincing enough for me--overwhelmingly so. With the 24mm f/1.4G mounted on my D3s, 99% of my left-AF acquisitions were spot-on. With the same lens on the D800, 0% of left-focus point acquisitions were correctly focused. Zero-percent.

I am not here to whine without purpose. I am attempting to communicate with other owners to determine which service centers have successfully/unsuccessfully repaired their affected D800s, and gather other information related to the issue.

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