Horticultural and botanical "no tripod"strategy?

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Re: Horticultural and botanical "no tripod"strategy?

osu wrote:

Excellent advise. I'll have to check on the monopod use. There are no place to put a bean bag where I was shooting. It's all pretty much open and most of the shots are 2-3' off the ground (at least the floral shots). I did a handheld test run and was not satisfied with the results. I'd like to stay at ISO 200 but the exposure times to get the depth of field I need are just too long and with no support it seems like a tough situation. At ISO 800 there is simply too much noise for my liking.

I use a 24 cm Gorrillapod with my 600d. Camera strap arround my neck, adjust legs on pod & strap to suit. Watch your breathing. Works a treat for me. Looks a bit loony but who cares? lee uk

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