First Shots with 60d & 10-22mm

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Re: First Shots with 60d & 10-22mm

victorian squid wrote:

I'm with Steve88. Last shot best. First shot good, motion not a bother to me - a bit of playground equipment right frame is distracting. Love the colors you're getting though.

Thanks. It's my fav too.

2nd shot is more of a kodak moment, too much wrong with it.

Yeah. Should have left it out. I agree with the above comments. I have a cropped version that I should have replaced it with.

3rd shot while the best composition-wise, has some distracting thing poking in from the right - (clone stamp it out) and the house is acceptable, but not desirable. Love the tree right behind (her?).

Cropping isn't against the law (yet), so do it!

Agree with you again, and again I made a cropped version but failed to post that one. Maybe I'll upload them in a while to get a 2nd take from ya.

When composing shots (this will get natural) when you go "wow! I gotta grab that!" take a look around at what's in frame, what's in front and what's behind. Rotating a bit around your subject just a few degrees can make all the difference.

While you're showing your UWA ... a wife would not find this humorous.

Found that out the hard way!!!

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