If you were a moron like me...

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Re: If you were a moron like me...

4x5 guy,

It was not my suggestion, you need to learn how to read...not sure why you're wishing me ill will when all I did was present an option that I explicitly said is questionable and not something you should do.

Why the venom? Are you also someone that was silly and sold your camera before getting the D800, or too cheap to buy locally and pay taxes, or are you just an angry guy living under a rock who doesn't even own a camera?

4x5 Guy wrote:

cdubman wrote:

It's probably questionables ethics, but you can buy a 7000 or similar camera at Best Buy. You have 30 days to return it without restocking...not saying you should do that, but it is an option.

Allowed or not, legal or not, hopefully some day you'll get stuck with a used item that you bought as new and then never make your suggestion again. Have a nice day.

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