I think my 35 1.8g is back focusing on d7k, can someone provide my a tutorial on ft?

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Re: I think my 35 1.8g is back focusing on d7k, can someone provide my a tutorial on

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

I've got the 35mm f1.8 and my "recently adjusted" AF on the D90 back to Nikon "spec"

I see no obvious reason why the 35mm f1.8 is the issue, if folks are dialling in fairly notable adjustments on the D7000, I would put my money on the AF being out on the body. It's true some lenses do suffer from focus shift when you stop the aperture down, there is also something called "acceptable limits" with focus accuracy.

Outside of that you're looking at body AF calibration issues. In the many years of using my 35mm bodies (and I still do now and then) I've not once needed AF adjustments to any notable degree. If you're going to blame something it's the body 9 out of 10 times causing the problem.

Hi Barry,

I understand what you're saying but the fact of the matter is, everything that is manufactured on an assembly line has production tolerances. Those tolerances are the reason avid photographers for years searched for the "good copy" which simply meant they were seeking a lens on the same side of the tolerance as the body.

You can say what you want but this isn't a new issue. The addition of micro focus adjustment has made it more apparent and become an "issue" regarding perceived quality control. That said, Nikon did have a problem with bodies that back focused early on after introduction that was admitted by the Nikon rep to my local camera store. They promptly took care of it.

I'd suggest the OP adjust for the lens and see what he ends up with. If it's 15 - 20, I'd end the body in. If it comes back and it still takes a lot, send the lens in.


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