If you were a moron like me...

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Re: If you were a moron like me...

4x5 Guy wrote:

You'd really go through the hassle of getting film, developing it, and scanning any good images just for the "fun" of using film? Very impressive!!

Why does it have to be a hassle? Stock a couple rolls (doesn't have to be anything expensive). When you're done shooting a roll, drop it off at Target or Costco or CVS or wherever and get it one-hour developed, check the box for the Photo CD, and you're done. Pick up the prints, negatives, and CD when you're done shopping. It's an hour of your time (do it when you need to get some shopping done anyway) and a couple dollars.

I wouldn't bother for anything "serious," but if you're just shooting for fun, it's kinda nice to get an envelope of prints back that you can share with family/friends and a CD of finished photos that you can share online.

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