Is the Pentax K-5 a decent beginner's DSLR?

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Re: Is the Pentax K-5 a decent beginner's DSLR?

No camera is too much for a beginner... providing that you are willing to learn. This is not all that complicated, but many beginner are happy to remain beginner for the rest of their life, and frankly, will constantly get lost with all the options offered by an advanced camera, and in the end, get frustrated and produce poor quality images, even with the best camera in the world. Then they come on DPreview asking for advice as it seems their brand new DSLR cannot take as good a picture as their old P&S !

What category do you consider yourself in ? If you don't have an interest in photography, but simply want a better P&S, don't get an advanced camera such as the K-5, get a K-01. On the other hand if you are keen to learn photography, and willing to go as far as reading the manual (god forbid !), then don't be afraid. The K-5 is good enough for a Pro, and as a keen beginner will give you all you'll ever need for the next decade.

As for lenses, frankly for 90% of non-pros out there, Pentax has plenty of choices. I've got a A-50/1.7, which is outstanding, for $25, including a Film 35mm body ! See if Nikon can beat that !

Garnett13 wrote:

I've been trying to research which DSLR I should go for as something with which I can learn photography and which my wife can use like a point-and-shoot.

I have owned a Canon film SLR in the past and really liked the ergonomics.

This time round I initially only considered Canon and Nikon, and ended up deliberating over the Nikon D5100 and the D7000. The main problems were the limitations of the d5100 and the cost of the d7000.

Now I've come across the K-5 which seems to be the perfect intermediary, given it seems to outdo the D7000 in reviews and cost only slightly more than the d5100.

My only concern is that the Pentax doesn't have the range of lenses the Nikons have, and in particular has nothing to make the cheap 35mm and 50mm f1.8 Nikon lenses.

Will the Pentax let me learn, and are there good cheap low light lenses?

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