The New Monochrome Leica Sounds Great But.....

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Toccata47: That's great until you realize...


If you were addressing me (and I'm not sure you were), I do not think you understood my post. You see, a roll of film is about $2.50 and it only costs about $2.15 to get a roll of film developed and then they charge about another $2.50 to burn a CD. So that's about $8.00 per 36 exp. roll. If I shoot 100 rolls per year that's $800 per year. I doubt that I could shoot 100 rolls per year. More like 10 to 25 rolls. So 25 x $8.00 = $200 per year.

I would use the CD to upload to my computers HD and then select my favorite images and do PP and print the ones I really liked at home. My Canon Selphy ES40 is a dye sub printer with 4" x 6" color/BW prints. The replacement print cartridges cost $26 for 100 prints or about $0.26 per print. Since I will not be printing every image from each roll then the cost goes down a lot. So 200 prints = $52.00.

Therefor $200 + $52.00=$252 per year. Divide 200 prints by $252 = $0.79 per print, if I were to print every exposure which I am sure I would not do that.

So in the end my cost is a less than $1.00 per print. In any event I am sure that $252 per year would not pay for a Leica Henry - MM. But it would cover my film and printing costs. So I can use my M5 and B&W CN film and CD to digitize all the images that I liked.

Toccata47 wrote:

You just spent about $1 per image provided you hit a keeper rate of 100%. Essentially, if your starting from scratch, it's a matter of how many exposures you need to take to hit the break even price of purchasing a used digital m. That could be 50-100 rolls between an m3 and an m9. A vast oversimplification, yes.

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