Received and possibly returning ANOTHER D800

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Re: What I've gathered from reports here...

OP...thanks for sharing this. It brings clarity for my options.

I too have the AF issue. After sending sample images that clearly show a significant problem, Nikon USA responded. They didn't acknowledge looking at my images or that there is any problem with my D800. They did suggest I send in the camera for service. Why would I do that if they won't acknowledge there's an issue?!?

I also provided links to Nikonians and Lumo labs where further tests reconfirmed the issue. Lumo Labs posted Nikon had a calibration "fix" as "Breaking News". Nikon USA directly responded to that claim of "Breaking News".... saying there is no known issue or fix.

At least one person had their D800 serviced in the Netherlands with fantastic results. Many others seem to get their D800 back with the problem unresolved...and they're out $125 for insured shipping.

I'm done. After clicking "post", I'm calling Amazon to get a return authorization and refund....if it isn't too late.

Fantastic IQ...a shame.

Robin Casady wrote:

There was a report from Europe that the AF problem was fixed by software the service center downloaded from Nikon a few days ago. I got the impression that this was calibration software, not camera firmware. So, this issue may just be getting resolved at Nikon.

I wonder what Nikon does with the cameras that are returned for replacement, rather than for repair?
Robin Casady

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