What are your archival & backup policies?

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Re: What are your archival & backup policies?

palker wrote:

I use a shareware application to copy bit for bit my hard drive to two external firewire 800 LaCie drives. It takes about 15 mins per week.

Which Shareware do you use ?

Another question for the amateurs : what is your policy of (1) organizing, and (2) keeping vs. deleting pictures?

My "policy":

(1) very simple, directory structure on HD, by year, and then tens of subfolders "yymmdd Description of event/occasion/"
(2) today, I keep everything (yes, even the bad ones),

in the future, I plan to delete (scary...) the very bad ones, keep the good and ok ones in the main folder (to browse with wife/kids/friends/family), and create a sub-folder "3rdTier" (or probably "zzz") with all the rest

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