New camera dillusion........D4, D800....BS!

Started May 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
Mitchydkid Regular Member • Posts: 306
Re: New camera dillusion........D4, D800....BS!

This whole thread is kinda silly. I mean, for those of us stupid enough to buy a D800 it is very unlikely we are capable of learning from or even comprehending such sage enlightenment. We are lost causes. We are members of the "more money than brains" club. Now can somebody please help me cut my steak?

On a more serious note (barely), I drive a Corvette. My Corvette can go very fast. My Corvette can go around corners very fast. My Corvette can stop VERY damn fast! BUT, most of the time, my Corvette takes me to work in some pretty heavy traffic at the exact same speeds as all the lesser performance capable cars surrounding me. That does not mean my car is no better than those around it. It just means my car only shines when the situation calls for or allows it.

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