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Re: the D800 focuses while filming - what a joke?

antoineb wrote:

I've read reviews, sorry: the D800 has a slooow CDAF in LV, and thus can't film with AF, and makes funny noises while attempting the thing.

You read the reviews, but I have a D800, and I use AF quite a bit when I don't feel like bringing my follow focus with me. It does at least as well as the GH2, probably better because it doesn't hunt nearly as much. And I'm not basing any of these thoughts on reviews, I have both cameras.

With the D800 one could conceivably use only AF for certain films/home movies. In video mode if AFs significantly better than any previous Nikons like the D7000. Some DSLR makers like Canon don't even attempt to implement AF in video mode. Nikon has done a great job with CDAF on the D800. What you are not understanding is with a large sensor DSLR, especially a FF, DOF is great. Like a GoPro, and iPhone doesn't really have to focus much at all as the sensor is so tiny DOF is enormous so everything is in focus all the time. That's not photography and that's not videography. If there is no separation of the subject and the background the video looks like garbage. Why do you think no serious videographer uses small sensor camcorders anymore. They are all using DSLRs or pro video cameras with Super 35 sensors like Sony F3, RED, or Canon C300. Video from these cameras look cinematic, video from cheesy camcorders and iPhones looks, well like video.

But, yes, the GH2 can achieve that wonderful feat! Funny, camcorders, even those with large-ish sensors, have been doing this forever.

GH2 hunts all the time in AF. Not sure what you're talking about. Anyone who uses a GH2 has it on a rig, tripod or stabilizer, and is using MF. Why? Because the continuous hunting and noise from the lenses can ruin the take.

P.S. I know that most serious films are shot in MF - but they require rehearsed actor and camera movements, and there's one full-time person just in charge of the focus. And even so, some scenes do include things unwillingly going out of focus at times.

Yet you remain focused on AF (no pun intended) as if it were important. Canon didn't even think it was worth it to implement AF, as it knew most users would be using MF. Still, of the DSLRs that do AF, the D800 is one of the best I've ever used, and that includes the GH2 (though it's not technically a DSLR).

Anyway, this is most likely the most boring, off-topic side digression ever, and as I have better things to do than defend a D800 from someone who has never even used one, see ya. I'll be posting a link to a short video I'm finishing now, and you tell me if the AF seems sloooooow or noisy. I can tell you, with the lenses I have, it's neither.

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