Xpro1 AF in low light maybe faster than in bright light with XF35mm

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Re: Xpro1 AF in low light maybe faster than in bright light with XF35mm

Nope, the so called aperture dance is still there but its silent now, or almost silent. Tha AF in bright light is still delayed because of that, of course. Only WYSIWYG mode could disable this, in case Fuji bring it to us, but I doubt it. Why one would need constant live preview/exposure simulation when OVF is used, beats me...I just can get it. Indeed, on EVF makes some sense....but in OVF...


Photohobbyfun wrote:

Catalin Enache wrote:

Hi everyone.

Sorry if this was already posted on this forum but I can't help to bring it back.

To me it seems that AF in low light is a little faster that in bright light because the camera closes the aperture as much as possible to maintain the live preview. When the shutter release is half pressed the aperture opens wide to focus then it closes back for the frame capture (eg: f8, f11).

While in low light (eg: room) the aperture stays wide open and the AF is performed directly and faster of course.

This is happening even if I use only the OVF and there is no need for live preview.

Can anyone else confirm this?

Many thanks.

I can confirm that this is true with the X100. You correctly identified the issue, which is labeled the "aperture dance" and it happens in bright light. It is not directly related to the autofocus speed but it does make them autofocus seem slower because of the latency.

If you switch manual focus, you'll notice that the camera does this when acquiring a meter reading.

My experience is with the X100. Another poster assured me that the aperture dance was fixed with the latest firmware that solved the chattering on the 35mm lens. Is this not true?

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