D800 From B&H???

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Re: D800 From B&H???

I take it you are an expert on commerce law? I'd like to see how you came to your bizarre conclusion that a business can freely discriminate on how it sells its product to customers. There are numerous commerce laws that specifically were enacted to prevent this.

beshannon wrote:

This vague reference to "law" has nothing to do with how any manufacturer distributes their product


queequee wrote:

There is an applicable law actually... I seem to recall that Thom Hogan even referenced it when he wrote recently about the D800 supply issues and his thoughts on pre-orders?

beshannon wrote:

Maji wrote:

I believe that Nikon is sending a few units every week to each retailer. By law, they can't just send 100's to B&H in one shipment and 1 to Joe's Camera Shop, provided the Joe's credit is good.

Exactly what "law" is that?

Seems to me that a manufacturer can send whatever it wants to whomever it wants, aside from damaging relations, there is no "law" that prevents this.

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