Received and possibly returning ANOTHER D800

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you seem a bit mis-informed sorry

let's see:

  • you write "The D7000 AFs fine in video mode"

Ooops, no, sorry. The D700's CDAF is veeerrrrryyyy slooooow and can't be used while filming. It's also so poorly done that even when it has focus and the target doesn't move and neither does the camera, it often decides to do a check and in so doing, moves way OUT of focus. It's pathetic.

And of course while attempting to AF it also makes big noises that are picked up by the camera's poor mono mike.

So all in all, in video, and unless you shoot manual focus and use the external microphone, the D7k is pathetic, and clearly behind most smartphones or compact cameras.

  • I never said the IQ on the D7k was "as good as" the D800 IQ.

But clearly, unless shooting conditions are perfect, and the AF has been perfectly tuned, the IQ on the D800 won't be significantly better if at all.

Not to mention on DP Review test shots where they use f11 where diffraction is big enough that a 36mp sensor has barely any advantage.

  • the D800 does not have "significantly better" high ISO performance. Even a D7k is quite good up to ISO 3200, and can deliver quite decent results up to ISO 400 or maybe 5000. So maybe the D800 is as good at ISO 6400. Does it really matter? If most of your shooting is done in jazz clubs maybe.

  • say what you want about smartphones. The FACT is that they cover most people's photo needs, and are always with you so that many pros like them, and even organise exhibits of shots done only with their iPhone. I say "fact" because compact cameras are shrinking - why bother with an extra device whose IQ won't be better than that of the phone you already have with you.

Sure mirrorless is also taking share but it's expensive and again you do need an extra device and charger and lenses - so same inconvenient "solution", only a tad smaller.

  • I love to photograph. I simply find that my D7k even coupled to great glass, is big and bulky and heavy and so gets in the way and so often stays home. Some people, actually not very many people, are happy to lug big things just to take a photograph. I hate it - even though I DO sometimes manage nice portraits with my 85mm f1.4G.

  • I think PDAF stinks: if I enjoy photography, why should I have to waste time fine-tuning the AF, per lens, and the result won't even be perfect because in theory one should have a different adjustment for different distances, and for different focal lengths in the case of a zoom. Come ON! I then pick up my iPhone or my compact superzoom, and wow, focus is always perfect and I didn't need to spend time fine-tuning it! Wow!

You claim I'm wrong. If you're right, then we should:

  • see the share of iPhone photos drop on various hosting sites, such as Flickr. But the opposite is actually happening

  • see the market share of DSLRs, in the overall photo market, grow - but it's actually shrinking

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