Received and possibly returning ANOTHER D800

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Re: risk avoidance

antoineb wrote:

true there are cheaper phones out there

and there are phones with better cameras, such as a Nokia model or a Sony model

but they all have issues of stability, of browser issues (typically on Nokia), you name it.

and then comes the simple network externality, i.e. the fruit has that ecosystem whose philosophy is unbearable (world dominance, many customers behaving like the faithful in some sick cult), but which has some advantages.

I don't care so much about iPhone or not - but I think that the camera of the future is certainly not some big, bulky, heavy, noisy thing which can't film and can't properly AF without having been fine-tuned (and still won't be perfectly precise even after that fine-tuning).

For someone who doesn't care about the iPhone, you seem to be going on and on about it. It's way off topic. Either you have stock in Apple or you've convinced yourself that people here care about phones are serious cameras. Whatever the reason for your singular focus, this thread has zero to do with camera phones.

And I hate to indulge you, but I'm not sure what cameras you think can't film. My GH2 and my D800 take better video than an iPhone could ever hope to, and they both AF in video mode. (Not that it's my preferred method for focussing while filming). In fact, neither has any AF issues whatsoever. You've decided that DSLRs have issues where the reality is, in general, they have none. Why do you think DSLRs are the mainstay of AF critical areas of photography like sports, adventure, etc?

Wow, this forum is turning into a veritable zoo, with so much nonsense going on, it's making DPR, which used to be one of my favorite websites/forums to visit for info, a total bummer, with seemingly endless cringe-worthy threads.

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