Received and possibly returning ANOTHER D800

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Re: YOU may have a credibility problem at hand

Dominique Dierick wrote:

At first I thought your question was genuine, but the posting history and this answer makes me think you may run into a credibility problem.

First of all, let me assure you we are not all idiots as you seem to imply with this phrase:

'I find it hard to believe that there are people out there that have camera's that are not affected by this AF issue. Either they haven't checked, or are unaware.'

I also find this statement to be indicative of the OP trolling. It's almost as if he's a plant, but surely Canon wouldn't put someone up to something like this. But the logic of the statement is incredible: the OP got 5 imaginary D800s that all had AF issues so all the other real D800s in the world must have AF issues or the users aren't testing them as rigorously as he tested his pretend D800s. No but seriously, this kind of self-centered logic is amazing to behold.

Looking at your timeline, an incredible fortune to find 5 D800's in 10 days, an incredible misfortune to have them all fail.

Ordered 10 (!!!!) from Amazon in Feb (posted April 20), was still waiting for a D800 (April 24 - 26), did not yet get one from Pro Photo (Arpril 30), finally got one there May 01, found assumed AF problem with tabletop pics (May 02), returned it, canceled some outstanding D800 order (May 05), wrote you got your 4th faulty D800 (May 07) from various stores 'testing them all extensively' and returned them all for refund, and on May 10 gets your fifth D800 with problems.

Hmmm. So in the US where D800s are incredibly scarce, the OP had the ability to get multiple D800s? This fact calls into question his entire post. All this "left AF" talk prompted me to test my D800 (a camera that I am extremely happy with) and I have found that all the images are identical with the same acutance regardless of AF point used. (It annoys me that I actually took time to do this test, but the paranoia of these forums is infectious).

But a request for the OP, for arguments sake, could you post the images of your test along with a description of your testing method?

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