? about migrating plugins from cs5 to cs6?

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Re: cspringer -- A question (or two)

When you save an action, brush, curves, etc. PS is llike any other program and ask you where you want to save it. It will see it from that saved location. If you are like me you might want to make subfolders of subfolders (i.e. D: PS Folder/Actions/Actions 2005...6...7...8....2012, etc.). I find it easier to reference the years but you might want to use something else.

Now...you are right in assuming that the Special Folder is automatically only loading the plugins. However, things like brushes, curves, actions are all done manually no matter what folder they are in...i.e., Load Action, Load Brush, Load Curves Preset will ask you where they are located so saving them in a folder outside of PS (and the C: drive) will insure they are safe. They do not have to be in the CS program.

cspringer, can you put all these different kinds of custom items in the same special folder? I always assumed this special folder would only apply to plug-ins. Can you also include Actions, Curves, etc.? And, if so, do they have to go into any specially named subfolders?


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