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Re: Buy a D3200

All good ideas, some I didn't even think of (like the F100).

The thought of doing film is kind of cool, but more time consuming than I'd like (can't just plug and play with my files, finding someone to develop, finding film, etc.). The D3200 is intriguing, but not available where I looked yet. Taking a break is good, but I've already done that for the past 3 months and its getting old. I really liked the D700... I upgraded to D800 because i just bought the D700 back in the Fall and thought that I might as well get the latest/greatest if I can resell the D700 for a decent amount ($2200). Re-buying the D700 is tempting, especially with some of the eBay deals out there, but i'd really be losing money and it is nearly a 5 year old camera now.

I think i've narrowed down to the D5100 or getting a compact/mirrorless to play with and perhaps keep. With the D5100, i get IQ comparable to the D7000 in a much cheaper package and since its relatively new, it would probably resell online (or to a family member or friend) for a decent price. I'd definitely miss some features...off-camera flash/commander mode, exposure bracketing, solid body, etc. But hey, i could still take pictures. I looked around for mirrorless/compact a little bit. Some interesting looking options (i.e. NEX-5N, Leica V-LUX, Nikon V1), but they seem a little overpriced for what they are.

So maybe the D5100, eh? Refurb on BHPhoto for

InTheMist wrote:

Or a D5100. Everybody needs a backup.
Ridicule is not C&C nor is it being helpful nor "stating your opinion"

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