D700 with SB910 focus issue

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Kent Johnson Veteran Member • Posts: 5,354
Re: D700 with SB910 focus issue

bardphoto wrote:

This is not my forte but I'm having a strange issue. I've attached a sample. Doing headshots with SB-910 on camera (handheld) and another SB-910 slaved. Shooting in Manual - 1/250 at f/4. I select my focus point - right on the eyes. Some of the shots are perfectly in focus. Others, like the attached sample, are out of focus - the focus point always ends up behind them (some are much more out of focus than this one). I don't have any focus issues in other situations. Any comments would be very welcome and appreciated. Thank you.

How is your camera setup? reason I ask is that you are shooting at ISO500 and +0.67EV, neither of which are needed with those speedlights.

What AF settings are you using?

Have you tried just doing a simple focus test with a ruler at a 45 degree angle from the lens?



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