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Re: not everything moves and a DSLR is cumbersome ;-)

antoineb wrote:

like I said, I own a DSLR, and even some good glass, and here are three things that the iPhone will not do:

  • the D7k will do 6fps with continuous AF. Which incidentally is better than wha the D800 does, by a margin. HOWEVER, to film action, I find that I often prefer FILMS, to a series of stills. Luckily the iPhone does film, with AF, and with quite good quality stereo sound - as opposed to my D7k with films, but can't AF while filming, and captures unacceptably low-quality mono sound.

  • the D7k will deliver good IQ in low light and at high ISO. The iPhone can't do that. HOWEVER, it's not so clear cut. If I go to a dark restaurant with friends, I WOULD get better IQ from my D7k with my 85mm f1.4 - only this is big and cumbersome and conspicuous so it stays at home, wheras the iPhone gets the shots.

  • the D7k will deliver me nice shallow DOF portraits with great bokeh using the 85mm f1.4. Of course it had better when the body alone was over $1'000 and the lens alone was over $1'500 and the gear does nothing else when the iPhone is also a phone, Web browsing device, MP3 player, GPS with live maps (you need to buy an extra accessory to get this on a DSLR and you don't get the maps of course), calendar, etc.

So what happens at the end of the day?

  • I have my iPhone with me at all times, in all kinds of weather, on any travel, sport etc. So it gets tons of shots in all circumstances where it would just be either very inconvenient, or impossible, to take my DSLR. Some DSLRs are more or less weather-resistant, but who cares when my iPhone can stay inside my pocket and I can take it out as needed, in a snow storm up on a mountain, then put in back in - that's just way more practical.

  • when I want a bit of compositional flexibility I take a pocketable superzoom camera. It's IQ is a bit lower than that of my D7k (and markedly so in lower light), but it's nice to be able to go from macro 1cm away to tele on some distant wildlife where a DSLR would require a special purpose lens for either (and you'd need to carry it on the side, too). It also does film, unlike the DSLR. And I can carry it in a pocket.

  • I use my D7k only in places that I can get to by car, and typically only "events" where I'll photograph family members or friends with my 85mm f1.4 - in which case I get nice results, but I also miss a good share of the fun.

So what happens next?

  • in my view, apart from a very small niche of ultra-enthusiasts and pros, no one needs a DSLR and the current iPhone 4S satisfies the needs of most people, most of the time. And when that thing gets a 3x or 5x zoom, it will satisfy even more people, even more of the time.

  • but if some people want to pay lots of money, and lug super-heavy gear which hinders their creativity, that's fine by me - I just hope they get paid for it.

Way off topic, and full of misinformation. The D7000 AFs fine in video mode, but it's images are not even close to as good as the D800s IQ. D800 has significantly better high ISO performance than all the cameras you named and IQ. If this doesn't matter to you, fine. But don't presume DSLR or PDAF are obsolete. What's more, you're embarrassing yourself with the contention that it is the iPhone that is making DSLRs obsolete. Having fun on Facebook, uploading some faux artsy shot you made in Instagram is not my idea of photography. If it's your, knock yourself out. But your dreadfully long rants filled with wild proclamations about what camera with satisfy most people are way off the mark, and quite frankly, megalomaniacal drivel.

You are on one of the most popular camera sites in the world, where thousands of photographers of all types share their passion for photography, and you've, through some questionable logic and faulty reasoning, concluded that an iPhone is all people really need.

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