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Re: Probably about to buy the X100

This is speculation, but is consistent with what we know:

Any X100 may develop "sticky blades" (SB).

However, cameras made before the earthquake have had a very low rate of return. I have heard of none, including mine.

During the quake there was some damage, the assembly line restarted after about 3 weeks. I believe that initial tests did not show any errors and Fuji cranked up the production line to meet the massive demand.

If the pre-quake error rate (10,000 units) was (for example 1/1000 cameras) post quake it went up to maybe 1/100 or possibly even 5/100 for the next few months and maybe 50,000 - 75,000 units.

By this time Fuji had noticed the problem and re-tooled the production line to get errors back down to pre-quake levels, but now everyone was looking for SB very hard.

The above numbers are based on NO HARD DATA, I am GUESSING.

So what if you buy a camera now - will you get SB? Well there is still quite a lot of the affected units on the shelves. An old camera is 50x more likely to give SB than one coming off the production line now, but even now you could get SB if you are very unlucky.

Note that I believe that the vast majority of X100s made even in the bad runs were fine, but there were probably bad "clusters" that made their way to particular containers.

Now - we have only one case where Fuji have declined to fix the camera; and that camera had clearly been damaged and poorly treated. If you live in the UK or USA, fix times have been very fast, usually 2-5 days. Other countries like Australa have been 1-2 weeks, and other countries have had to send them to the UK to be fixed, times have varied up to 3-4 weeks.

Whether this should put you off or not is up to you, but many owners absolutely love their cameras - like me for example.

If my camera was lost/stolen/broken I would buy another immediately.


Many examples can be found among the threads and websites of the forum users here. See link to blog in sig below.
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