Trip in 2 weeks! Deadend lens choice!

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Re: Trip in 2 weeks! Deadend lens choice!

I really don't enjoy post..especially now that "crap" photos can be pushed and pulled to make things acceptable.. but thats part of the process of photography nowadays.. and I guess its similar to darkroom manipulation.. just seems like "cheating" bc its so much simpler.. but thats the evolution of the art. I'm more of a purist, but I can 100% understand your answer.. afterall, PP tools are just that.. tools. So why not put them to use?.. I try to avoid them personally.. but I'd be lying if I said digital photography doesn't go through at least a little bit of it... Your answer makes sense though.. along with color saturation, water and glass reflections are really taken care of nicely with polarizers.. that may not be able to be saved in PP othjerwise...

I ended up borrowing a 77mm polarizer a friend had.. but its a generic one.. I'm hoping the results don't kill my images with bad vignetting or anything else.. if they are not to my liking, I will just remove it and shoot without but I figured giving that a try while not having to spend more cash is worth a shot.

I appreciate your thought.. thanks.

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