The D800/D800E and Lense bashing the 28-300

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Re: The D800/D800E and Lense bashing the 28-300

Mmmm... After the previous poster I feel guilty saying this! I had a 28-300, it is a very convenient lens to use as it covers most of the range you could possibly need. I personally was not able to get great results with it, it just never had the crispness that just popped out with the 70-200 and the 24-70. For me the the difference was enough to not want to use it.

Since I have sold it, I bought the 24-120, which gives pretty good results. It doesn't have the beautiful DOF of the 24-70, but it is lighter and I have used it in difficult locations like the Sahara (see gallery). The other thing to remember is that because the D800 gives you 3x as much resolution as the D700, you can easily crop to zoom and still get a great result. There is a post on this forum from Lance B called "Every result I get from D800 blows me away"' which beautifully illustrates this. So in effect you have a high quality 24-360 in normal res speak by using the 24-120.

I am also finding the because of the high resolution I am using primes a lot more. I am using my 50mm 1.4 a lot and I just crop as needed. This is a really cheap and high quality lens.

The thing is, the D800 likes good glass, but that doesn't mean it has to be ridiculously expensive glass, it just requires different thinking. Either way, I like the D800 more and more. It is the best camera I have used by a mile.

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