Corel After Shot Pro question

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Re: Corel After Shot Pro question

like a salt pepper filter then

Dave Oddie wrote:

After posing here I finally found the Corel forum and so I posed the question there.

The answer was interesting and suggests RAW Noise and NN are for different things.

Under RAW noise the RAW Impulse Noise removal is either on or off. You can't control it and what it is looking to fix is what some people term "pixel dust" which is the specs you may see in shadows on high ISO images. Single pixel artefacts that if you removed them with NN or anything else you would end up blurring the image too much.

If you use RAW Noise slider under this widget this is more akin to "ordinary" noise reduction you get with NN or any other plug in but works before demosaicing.

The theory goes you can leave RAW Impulse Noise removal on as it won't degrade your image but if further NR is required use a plug in possibly in combination with the RAW Noise slider.

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