Which on shal I buy among D5000, D3000 and D3100 ?

Started May 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Which on shal I buy among D5000, D3000 and D3100 ?

I don't have any of these 3, but...a word of advice. Try to clearly define your expectations/anticipations of your dSLR or you will be disappointed. If you think you will now magically be able to capture great images at low-light without flash, or take pictures of fast moving kids or pets indoors, you are setting yourself up for "failure" - not because of the camera body choice but because of the lens! Kit lenses are slow and not suitable for uses as listed above. If, OTOH, you just want to learn more about photography and mainly want to take travel pictures/landscapes etc, any of these will probably work fine. I would probably favor the D3100 as the one with the better sensor. I agree that if the budget can be stretched a little, the D5100 would be even better (same sensor as the D7000). Alternatively, you should consider adding the ~$200 35mm f1.8 lens - perhaps instead of a kit lens.

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