If you were a moron like me...

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Re: If you were a moron like me...

You could do what I have done, use my wife's Rebel or borrow a D3s from your neighbor to get used to Nikon. I sold all my Canon gear to get ready for this, still waiting for a shipment date but hoping soon!

sweetsonic wrote:

And you sold your D700 before you had the D800 in hand, what would you do?

I sold the D700 a few days after the D800 announcement, betting on the value of the D700 going down (which turned out to be true, of course) and the subsequent delivery of the D800 at or near its release date (which turned out to be false, obviously).

What would you do to get a camera in your hands for the interim? I'm not making a living off this, obviously, but I am a hobbyist/enthusiast and am really kicking myself now. I ordered a D7000 from Amazon thinking I could use it for a bit and resell it, but the D7000 is reselling pretty cheap and I'm not a big fan of the camera personally.

Any ideas?

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