Waht is OpenDNS?

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Re: benefits to typical users...

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Sure, they're doing it to make money on the advert sponsored search results. But, I can see where users may appreciate knowing about alternatives to the address they typed into their browser's address bar via those search results, too, if a domain is not listed in their tables.

I don't disagree with you on that score and that isn't the issue.

The issue is with the how the user friendly error page should be delivered when a HTTP hostname lookup fails.

It is extremely easy to provide the same result using techniques that conform to all of the applicable Internet rules and conventions. Therefore, it makes no sense to violate all of those sound and well established principles to deliver this very minor feature.

But, for the average internet user, I think the benefits of those redirects and filters outweigh any negatives to them.

Sorry, but I don't think the users benefit from breaking the RFC's and other excellent "rules" that define how the Internet works. We're talking pretty fundamental stuff like the OSI model and the protocol-neutral basis of the Domain Name System. We're breaking legitimate applications, creating caching problems, and enormous scope and temptation for abuse. I think that's a terrible tradeoff especially when it can all be avoided so easily.

Of course I'll exercise my right to not use these services because:

  • They break applications that for me are critical

  • My ISP provides faster DNS servers anyway

Others are free to make their own decisions but I do hope their choices are informed ones.

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