Xpro-1 focus speed good enough?

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Re: Xpro-1 focus speed good enough?

The speed is good enough to me.

What bothers me is that the AF doesn't lock in some scenes that I think there shouldn't be any difficulty.

jmsaul wrote:

I've been going back and forth on this camera for a while. I have a Nikon D3s that I am keeping no matter what... but need something satisfying yet portable for travel photography and for just shooting the family on the go. The only thing continuing to keep me from getting the xpro-1 is the autofocus speed and the purported suboptimal manual focus option. I have shot a little on my brother's x100 and the focus speed was pretty bad. I'm not expecting DSLR speed but how bad is it on the xpro-1? Will I miss shots of my kid? Is it in the same speed family as shooting with an iphone? I'm not sure what alternative is better- I had hoped recent firmware updates would help but it sounds like minimal if any improvement has been achieved. I considered leica-- but the m10 is a long way a way (from the sounds of things today) and getting to speed on rangefinder focusing might be worse then the xpro-1 AF speed. The nex7 and new Olympus are contenders but the fuji IQ seems better.

I know this has been discussed a lot but I figured one more round might help me make up my mind!


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