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Re: Got mine in:Any news on MMF-3 redemption

Ron Co wrote:

The one major annoyance i have had so far is neither lens comes with a lens hood so one has to keep the lens cap on (I do not use UV filters on any cameras) and there is no way of securing the lens cap either ,so it goes into the pocket?? I might drill a hole and tie a bit of fishing line on the darn thing

It is really mean and penny pinching that no lens hoods are supplied ,any decent lens designer will also incorporate a good lens hood to reduce glare etc ,it also is a better form of protection than a lens cap that has to go in and out of pockets -dumb , and mean penny pinching

The plug in flash gun is another plus and minus , brilliant idea but to use it you end up with 3 tiny bits of plastic covering to lose , not a realistic or practical idea , no idea if they could have been made to slide or flip or something but 3 little bits of plastic should generate a lot of after sales for lost units

Oh yes I have ordered both lens hoods from China on ebay cost of $9 (75-300) and $15(12-50lens) delivered to my home , which would suggest that Olympus could probably toss them in at a cost of a dollar or two max their end - penny pinching gone mad!

Thanks Ron for your post.

Where did you order your lens hoods from?

I did buy two filters for the 12-50 lens. A UV one, and a polarized one. Since I take some yachting photos, the polarized makes a huge difference, although the polarizer can play tricks with some yacht sales materials. But a polarizer takes light too, so one has to buy another hardly light loss UV filter ... IMO filters do protect the lens. Interestingly Canon stipulate using a weathersealed or proof filter as part of their weather assisted lens protection. And the filter stops you scratching a lens. Got an OK deal for two good quality Hoyas with the camera.

As far as the fiddly plastic bits - put them in the little bag that the flash comes in!!! Although I lost similar plastic bit on the flash bayonet on an E-1. Never seemed to stop the camera working fine though. But I'm going to try to put the bits in the flash bag thingy ... which I haven't opened yet either.

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