My full review of the new X2 is up!

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Re: Ming the Merciful

Ming Thein wrote:

The image quality DOES excel the competition. That's enough to make it worth looking at.

When the X1 was introduced the lens did produce exceptional results for the type of camera it was. Even today the lens can create images that feel almost 3-dimensional and there is a smooth cool look about the best shots.

Then came the Fuji X100 which produces equal shots at f2.8 > with gorgeous colours and smooth look but still full of detail.

Now we come to Canon with their G1X. It's not fast but boy is it sharp almost throughout the entire range. JPEG Colours don't quite match Fuji or Leica but the flexibility of the short tele makes up for that.

For IQ I don't think anyone of these cameras excels the others.
Each is excelllent in its own way and that's why I own all of them.

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