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10. Occasionally camera refuse to focus. The focus indicator shows green, but subject won't be in focus. I had this issue with D300 a lot. Now it's very rare. If I move the camera little bit, it will focus again

On both my d700 and d3s, they frequently would do this unless set to release priority. Just refuse to focus, but with green light saying it had focus. There were several threads about it, but I don't recall any solution being found other than leaving it in release priority. (which doesnt bother me much) Anyone aware of a fix, or mistake on user's part?

I have the camera to release+focus priority now. I had it at Focus+Release. Do you think setting to 'Release' will solve the issue? How does it affect the AF tracking? I take lots of BIF. I want to get the best out of it.

Hmm. I've never held a D4 - are you saying it has both release+focus as well as release+focus (as in, two modes, with the words reversed)?

For birds in flight, I'd think you'd want to have focus priority, which gives the problem mentioned.

For BIF I use release priority and use the AF button for focus. If you use focus priority you miss a lot of shots. The camera will lock up at key moments.

I'm trying Relase and Release+Focus. Didn't do lots of testing. Anyhow I didn't get the focus lock issue after that. It was rare of course. I'll watch for it.

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