My full review of the new X2 is up!

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Re: It doesn't fit.

Ming Thein wrote:

From what I understand from the local dealers here, the OM-Ds are selling in droves, but they haven't moved more than a small handful of G1x cameras. Even the X-Pro seems to be widely available - but that could be because of better stock availability than popularity.

No idea about X1/X2 sales.

I'm sure that G1X sales are slow given the qualified reviews and high price although I was quick to buy one. As an X1 owner , I had hoped that the X2 would have contained a similar lens to that in the G1X but .. hey ho .. Leica are playing the branding game again time for the red dot lovers to fill the coffers.

I read some nonsense about the slow Canon AF and its comparable IQ.

Compared to my X1 with firmware v2.0 my Canon focuses more quickly and as for IQ - the Canon RAW files are up there with the Leica files although maybe a tad more resolution.
Surely an X2 with a small tele would have been possible.

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