Received and possibly returning ANOTHER D800

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how credible is it that you get all those D800's ;-)

if I read correctly, in one paragraph you mention that you have returned your second D800. And in another paragraph you say "like all the other D800's I have had".

sorry, with a camera that is in such short supply, then as far as I'm concerned this rules your credibility out.

as far as the (purported) issue per se, my reaction is:

  • high res sensors make it appear ever more clearly how obsolete PDAF is for the digital age

  • it is nevertheless totally unacceptable that anyone paying over $3'000 for a mere camera body, should end up having to harbour tons of worries around whether the AF is good enough. Because in the meantime users of an iPhone or other smartphone, or any compact camera, or any mirrorless camera, are getting always very precise AF that needs zero adjustment and is lens-indpendent. Still these people paid only very small amounts of money for their cameras - so what gives?

  • the 36mp images from the D800 in best shooting conditions do look nice (and so should thez at this price for the body plus lenses, and how inconvenient and heavy the whole gear is). But they're not that different from what one can get from a D7k or a D5100 or a 60D or a NEX-7, and neither is the resolution that much higher when you're comparing 36mp with 24mp.

  • when I read all this, it becomes ever clearer to me that after my D7000 bought in 2010, I will NEVER buy another DSLR again. My next big system camera - IF I ever buy one because it may well be that further progress in the iPhone fulfill 99.9% of my photo needs - will be MIRRORLESS and use the more civilized CDAF.

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