Received and possibly returning ANOTHER D800

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Re: YOU may have a credibility problem at hand

Does sound fishy, huh?

What dealer has 5 D800's sitting around to exchange, much less on a daily or even weekly basis? Mine cannot even get enough in to satisfy the down payment orders and maybe only one a week which lasts for as long as the guy takes to get there to pick it up.

Aside, I am not in favor of returning for another of the same lot. Dealers will sell the thing again in some form (eBay, repackaged, open box, refurb, new, auction, whatever - They ain't gonna fix it as they are cheap and it costs them.) and we may end up reading about the same item again. Just send the thing in and get a second pair of quality control eyes to examine it and hopefully fix it. If not, then do it again until they give you a new one. I've sent in one body and two brand new lenses last year and no issues with the fixes, and one took newer parts in the new lens too.

Com'on. Five D800 cameras exchanged? What dealer has them all so I can get one if they are that plentiful there? Heck. I'll make an offer on one of your returns and send it in to Nikon.


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