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Wellington100 wrote:

jimr wrote:

Wellington100 wrote:

You are being very generous about a camera that for its price point should excel or at the very least equal the competition. Leica is known for premium products at premium prices.

This camera has not kept up to date with the state of play in the premium compact sector. In some ways it is already three years out of date. Why on earth would anyone buy it when the Canon G1X is available for far less money and is better in every way.

The Canon G1X has the IQ of a DSLR but the responsiveness of an average point and shoot that costs hundreds of dollars less than it does.

From what Ming says, the Leica's focusing speeds are adequate. Yes the G1X has inadequate focusing and that is its achilles heel. If Canon address that 1 issue, the camera will represent excellent value and will dominate this rarified sector of large sensor compacts.

The G1X image quality is impressive given the sensor size, but it will not perform as well as the X2 on IQ (nor will it match the IQ of the GXR or X100). The G1X also has overall performance and responsiveness issues (e.g. shutter lag) and it really isn't all that compact. I realize it has a zoom, but I don't know why I would want to leave the house with it versus an E-M5, for example. I think you bring up a good point on value, but I just don't know where the G1X fits in here.

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