The New Monochrome Leica Sounds Great But.....

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jorge rubia Regular Member • Posts: 132
Re: The New Monochrome Leica Sounds Great But.....

Congrats on the sale! May you sell many many more images!

Yes, thats' a lot of money for the M9M ... I also shoot Rollei TLR, M6 and M3, M2... the costs are getting higher and higher to pursue trad processes ... so I figured out that it may be more cost effective to go digital for B&W. Only IF that M9M is what they say it is.At the moment it's hard to say (from internet images and reviews) what that sensor really delivers.

The comments and reviews I have so far seen say it has "great" IQ, but I am not seeing or hearing much about the character of these BW files ... they just don't come close real B&W files/prints that can be produced with real B&W film.

If the camera only delivers more pixels and "flatter" images ( "clinical" ), then I don't really see the point of that investment and would rather stay with the classic M9 and continue with real film on medium or large format for B&W.

I suppose in the end this new sensor could have a unique character and perhaps one should stop comparing film with digital ... reminds me of the early days of digital cameras and how we compared color digital files with Velvia, Kodachrome etc. Same thing. I suppose we will eventually get used to this "new look" B&W "stock" too.


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