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Re: Ming the Merciful

Well, to be fair, the Canon doesn't have that special red dot, which people like making sure is part of the "ownership experience". They'll constantly cite the "Leica experience", as if other cameras have no identity of their own and people aren't able to connect with them.

Hell, look at the people that buy D-Lux-5s only to show off about owning a Leica, even insisting there's something very different about it when compared to the nearly identical LX5 Panasonic.

Wellington100 wrote:

You are being very generous about a camera that for its price point should excel or at the very least equal the competition. Leica is known for premium products at premium prices.

This camera has not kept up to date with the state of play in the premium compact sector. In some ways it is already three years out of date. Why on earth would anyone buy it when the Canon G1X is available for far less money and is better in every way.

I hope Leica have something else up their sleeves, this camera is a non event.

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