Extraordinary Building - How to Avoid Distortion... (IMGS)

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John, you seem to be voicing a dissenting opinion.

TrapperJohn wrote:

I'm looking at that building and thinking - yes, the structures on top top look very interesting, but what composition suits them best?

The first shot is a general view - here's the building.

The second one is looking better.

The last one does it - that's the most interesting part of the building.

Yes, it is the most interesting part, but I feel it can use some context and be "grounded".

Many people prefer the very wide expanse of the first.

I think my personal favourite is the second, also because of the human presence below.

OTOH, those structures on top might look real interesting up close with the 7-14.

Perhaps a repairman's suit... and tell them you're there to service the AC system...

I know the caretaker of the building. Could be an option to go up on one of the roofs some day.
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