Why is an OM-D better than a Pentax K-5?

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Re: Trying to do close to equivalent comparisons

Henry Richardson wrote:

PerL wrote:

But since you know about the Pentax pancakes and other small primes, dont you think it is a bit miseading to pick a Sigma 28 1.8, a huge bulky FF lens, as a basis for comparision?

Okay, you choose the Pentax lens that is equivalent 40mm f1.7. Which lens would that be? The Sigma 28mm f1.8 is equivalent 42mm f1.8 so that is as close as I could find. If you have a Pentax AF 27mm f1.7 you want to show me then please do. The Pentax 31mm f1.8 is the closest, I think, with an equivalent FL of about 47mm, but it is MF, not AF, so not a good comparison. I am trying to do close to equivalent comparisons.

But now you happend to pick a combo that showed the K5 in the worst possible light - a 20 1.7 pancake vs that huge Sigma that is not even a Pentax lens. How many Pentax owners, that often chooses Pentax for it compactness, would buy such a lens?

If compactness is the main goal a Pentax owner could pick a system of the 21, 40, 70 pancakes, the 15 WA or the limited series (they all have AF, BTW) 31 1.8, 43 1.9 and 77 1.8. These small lenses are one of the main attractions of the Pentax system.

I also showed the Olympus 9-18mm and the Sigma 10-20mm since they are fairly close in equivalent FLs. It is meaningless, IMO, for you to come up with cherry picked MF lenses that are not close to equivalent.

But that Sigma is also huge.

Here is a list of m4/3 lenses. Go through them and for each one tell me what the closest equivalent Pentax lens is and we can check out how the size compares:


Here are the Pentax lenses that I am aware of:


Here is another comparison (if you have a different close to equivalent lens you want to use then tell me):


That is more reasonable. Here is another one, the Oly 45 1.8 vs the 77 1.8. Not exactly the same but close enough in purpose and FOV IMO.

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