M Monochrom in China

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Re: M Monochrom in China

Wonderful images Jono, thank you for posting the link.

I have to say that I agree with Michael S here about the images looking a bit on the "flat" side to my eyes - even where there seemed to be a more dramatic lighting situation in the scene and deeper/richer blacks would be expected. In your experience, Jono, is that the case ? or is that just the "better dynamic range" that this new sensor delivers and you are purposefully retaining the maximum tonal scale in the post production? I suppose, like all digital photography nowadays, only the hands-on experience of shooting and processing can answer that.

I am very interested in this camera as a "second M9" body.

Again thank you for any more information you can give.

Michael S. wrote:
Hi Jono!

Jono Slack wrote:

However, i have been to China with the M Monochrom.

Thx for showing us this photos...some real world shots...nothing really surprising to be seen - nice and beautiful b/w shots and YES - very good high-iso ability...BUT one thing else came into my mind - that's my very personal opinion - at first glance they did seem quite "flat" to me - I am missing the typical 3D look that LEICA is so known and proud off. Maybe it's just me...

kind regards,
Michael S.
EUROPE; dpreview since 2001
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