My full review of the new X2 is up!

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Re: Thanks Juha!

Ming Thein wrote:

Depends what you want to use it for. I don't know what retail on the X2 will be, but it won't be less than the X1 (my guess).

US $1999.95 -same as X1.D7000 retails for US$ 1100 and so one has $900 to buy another lens.

The question is, what lens would you put on the D7000 to match the X2's lens? And will it be as portable? Those are not so straightforward answers, in my opinion.

any zeiss lens should be good enough. DSLR lenses are larger and will permit more light.

The best analogy is - if you need a swiss army knife, buy the D7000. If you want a well made sharp blade, but the X2.

People usually use 1 or 2 lenses at most for landscape/portrait situations. Pl assume that I will get hold of identical lens to 24mm f/2.8 elmarit lens. My question was whether it is worth the money than assembling your own body + lens kit of equivalent quality.


kamalpr wrote:

Ming Thein wrote:

I don't know about the negativity, but looking at usability and image quality alone, the X2 delivers - not something I could say entirely about the X1.

you mentioned that sensor used is the same as camera with N and 3 0s. I think you mean Nikon D7000. For $2000, one can buy a D7000 and any decent lens. So, will this be cost-effective as in yield value for money compared to that? Or if you recommend it, why would you recommend for that kind of money?


Juha Lindstrm wrote:

Nice write up. Glad to see a positive review of the new X2. I can only think Leica will further improve it with future firmware updates.

I'm especially glad about this positive review, because I don't get the negativity around yesterdays announcements that seems to be going around.

Anyway, thanks for the review. It was a good read.

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