V1 - worth buying?

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Re: V1 - worth buying?

Jord wrote:

I'm a Nikon user already but for pro level SLR's but wanted a small compact camera I can carry around on holiday ect. I currently use an Olympus XZ-1 with the optional viewfinder which is a lovely compact but I think I'd prefer a built in viewfinder and better low light - above 800 iso the Oly really struggles.

So has anyone got the good the bad and the ugly on the V1 - my main needs are portability - I've got a D4 and a D700 if I wanted to lug them about.

Copied from an earlier reply. The links should be keep you out of trouble for a while.

The V1 looks interesting and thanks for all that info.Shall look at the reviews on that cam .. Do you own one ?

Yes. It's a definite keeper. I mentioned in another reply about its battery being large enough to not be a problem when using the SB-N5 flash. All of the lenses but one are quite small, and that's the 10-100mm lens designed especially for video use. Here's one comment from one of the reviews I've saved links for (a month's supply, copied below). "I've managed to shoot 1,000 images in a morning using the V1 with 300mm 2.8, and still had nearly 20% of battery charge available." Last (but not least) are links are to videos from The Camera Store (V1 vs G3 shootout) and two of SnapChick's videos, a V1 review and a V1 vs D3100 Death Match.






http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJifQVanYJk [V1 review]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFUvmN-Syr4 [V1 vs D3100]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MudtMJQUeUM [V1 vs G3]

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