My full review of the new X2 is up!

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Re: Agree, it's a tough playing field.

Personally, I'd rather wait until someone unbiased comes along and gives real feedback of the comparative type.

I'm not a huge x100, though I considered getting one, but no matter what you say, even if the performance is good, the X2 clearly displays cost-cutting and lack of vision.

I'll bet my life that an X200 will, without a doubt, kill the X2 in performance and features, as they don't have that far to go. Not to mention, Fuji has been using better screens for over a half-decade now.

Ming Thein wrote:

I owned an X100, bought with my own money, and whilst image quality was mostly good - there were a lot of gotchas with the user experience that made it more frustrating than pleasant to use. I sold it.

I don't think the X100 gives better image quality than the X2 - the X2 is honestly up at the top of the APS-C heap, and runs very close to the D7000. The X100's lens also has odd internal veiling flare wide open that robs sharpness a little, so if you want to match sharpness you have to go down to 2.8 anyway. Big differences are price and the presence of an internal EVF, which are definitely helpful. AF speed is slower, though.

For what it's worth, I have as much access as I want to the X1/X2. I even owned an X1 before I had any relationship with Leica, and sold it precisely because it was too slow - but the image quality was great. My pick of the mirrorless bunch now is the OM-D, and that's what I bought.

snake_b wrote:

Very nice photos.

We have new considerations in the field now and it seems underwhelming for Leica to seemingly cut massive corners, particularly the screen and lens. These are two areas that needed improvement as well.

It's gotten ludicrous, actually, how far behind Leica is with every new model, and on an increasing basis.

The question we have here is if the X100, despite fewer MP will still perform better, not to mention its replacement.

Even questions of the ugly old Canon G1X are thrown into the mix, as is the Pentax K-01 with various lenses and even price-wise, if one would simply just want to get an X-Pro-1. Even u4/3 comes up, with the fast pancakes from Panasonic. Even the price drags Sony's Nex series into it.

Leica fans will argue such things as "the Leica experience", "the red dot of quality", "unmatched IQ and Leicaness", but in reality, the IQ and characteristics can be easily duplicated between cameras.

Honestly, since the lens isn't even fast, I'd love to see it go up against the G1x. I have a feeling Leica might win only on the adjectives about it being a Leica.

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