My full review of the new X2 is up!

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Re: My full review of the new X2 is up!

The value of X1 went down the second X100 entered the market. I don't even think about selling it with that expected huge loss...:-(

The sell of X1 ( at least here in DK ) almost died - the price is too steep and one cannot justify buying it over X100, OM-D, Xpro-1, Nex-5(7) name it. X2 does not bring anything really new in that equation. The lens ( though good one ) is the same, everything is the same ( ok- a bit better af ), sensor minor improvement in megapix. count and...that's it. Optional rebadged Olympus EVF for twice the price? LCD ( this is outrageous! ) has still "anno 2005 cut-edge" specification...

The price is of course higher. I really cannot see, who would want to buy it for 2000€ ( I know the announced price is 1995 $, but that always transfer into same amount in € here in EU, btw the price of X1 is 1670 €)

Looks like a big joke to me.

PS. Still think those images are oversharpenned. So much I start to see halloes on some of them...

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