My full review of the new X2 is up!

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Re: My full review of the new X2 is up!

profus wrote:

Tnx for your review. X2 probably is many ways a step further from X1, but in my opinion nothing big enough to make me sell my X1 and buy it. I am really disappointed...

ps. Is it my screen - I find almost all your images to be way oversharpenned?

Maybe you're exactly the intended target group. Sure, there's going to be X1 owners upgrading, but I think Leica is wanting more people on the X-train rather than just focus on getting part of the "old crowd" to upgrade.

They've listened in most critical parts to the comments of the public. They've addressed the mechanics and improved autofocus etc etc. It's sure to bring more potential buyers.

Also, looking at the m-series these evolutionary updates are very typical of Leica. So, people disappointed have been somewhat mislead by their own expectations. In the M-series we got M8, then years later M8.2 evolution which lasted for a year.. and then the M9 revolution, which again lasted several years. Last year we got M9-P and now M-M.

I'd say expect X3 & M10 sometime next year. Photokina will see the interchangeable mirror less with possible M& R lenses through adapters.

Let time pass and think about it. This all makes sense from Leica perspective and don't feel disappointed. This all makes your X1 retain better value until X3, since the update wasn't "that big".

And yes, it's probably your screen. They looked fine to me

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