Best Pro Folio site - smugmug, zenfolio ? What?

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Re: Best Pro Folio site - smugmug, zenfolio ? What?

Which is $250 per month?! Aphotofolio isn't $250 per month. It's 4 x $250, paid over 4 months = $1000 set up fee. It's $17 per month. If you compare this with Photoshelter, there isn't the big set up fee but the monthly fees are over 4-5 years, your total costs are the same. I was with Zenfolio...then photo shelter...and now aphotofolio. My way was the painful approach, but it's your choice to make the same mistakes I made or not.

Photoshelter is potentially better for a strong emphasis on print sales vs being hired as a commercial photog.

My site(s) are with aphotofolio. Zenfolio, smugmug and the like are not for pro photogs in my opinion. I'm sure that will rub many the wrong way, but I'm not going down that rabbit hole. Zenfolio, etc...their so called SEO does wonderful things for promoting Zenfolio, for example, but damn near nothing for YOU.

With these sites, you DO get what you pay for...if you truly need** a pro site. I highly recommend you simply see what your competition or peers are using...and be at least at that level. You want your site to be better than your competition's site...yes?

Look at the caliber of photogs that use Zenfolio, etc...then compare to the caliber of photogs using livebooks, photoshelter or aphotofolio. I think the conclusion is pretty obvious. But that's just me.

I will say this...the top tier photogs using Photoshelter...many of them hire a designer to customize their site. That can give a misleading sense of what photoshelter templates can offer. Amy Vitale's site is a good example of that.

I would ask this...why are top tier photogs paying big bucks for a site with Livebooks or aphotofolio when they could get a zenfolio site for $100 per year? Are they just stupid? I think not.

Good luck to you....

Dave Seeley wrote:

studio311 wrote:

1st Choice, Award Winning:
Expensive to start, but over years evens out compared to others. Fantastic SEO.
SEO with smugmug, zenfolio etc is a joke, worthless.

Yup....$250/mo is pretty pricy...
studio311... do you have your site with them?

2nd Choice:

3rd Choice: Photoshelter, but I don't think they have iOS integration yet

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