FZ150 manual focus question

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Re: Absolutely Incorrect!

Thanks to all who responded. I'm about 90 miles from a photo store or a Best Buy so it's inconvenient to get my hand on one.

Yes, I know that autofocus systems are very good under most circumstances. My Canon SX20 auto focus is dandy most of the time, but nothing beats focusing on a very small or delicate object (example: a raindrop hanging on the edge of a leaf) and obtaining a sharp image in the viewfinder or on the LCD with manual focus controls. This enables the photographer to select the particular aperture one desires without having to build in a fudge factor (such as using a smaller aperture to increase depth of field).

Evidently the great system that Panasonic used in the old FZ10 is kaput. So precisely what do you have to do to manually focus and does the image you are looking at in the EVF or LCD show a distinct difference between an out of focus image and one that is finely focused? If it's a hassle, I'm going to go dSLR, but I'd prefer the convenience of a quality super zoom such as the FZ150.

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